Imagining Health

Innovations to enhance health and wellness

Cereus Health is a global investor in cutting edge technologies to deliver health and wellness. We enable the digital transformation of healthcare through innovative solutions.

Our Innovations

ManageMyHealthTM is an online digital health platform to enable individuals and health care providers to manage health anytime, anywhere.

  • Safe and secure way to manage health online.
  • Strengthens patient and health care provider relationship.
  • Access and maintain medical records, book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and view the latest lab results.
  • Connecting patients and health providers to enhance healthcare delivery.
  • Reduces communication costs through electronic recalls, lab results and secure email.
  • Improves the quality of health information available to patients.
  • Enables health care professionals to share patient medical information with after hours, emergency and other care providers.
  • Enabling health anywhere with tele-health and behavioural health. 
  • Companion Android OS and Apple iOS apps to access health on the go. 

Currently available in New Zealand | Australia | India | USA | UK

Manage My Blues

ManageMyBlues is a new behavioural mental health product that seeks to assist those with mild/medium depression and anxiety.

  • Treats depression and anxiety by using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
  • Offers patients 8 weekly online treatment sessions of 50 minutes.
  • It has been proven to help people suffering with mild and moderate depression to get better and stay better and is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
  • Brings all the benefits of CBT directly to you by the use of mobile technologies which means that you can access the treatment when and where you want.
  • Independent research has shown that CBT works for many people with depression and anxiety by teaching practical, lifelong skills to help them feel better and stay better.

Dental Planet is a leading provider of Dental services in New Zealand, pairing a passion for excellent service with the latest technological advances.

  • Dental Planet (formerly trading as Smilecare) also has several programmes ensuring continued dental care and oral hygiene as an ongoing service.
  • Friendly, Reliable and Affordable – Dental Planet has transformed thousands of lives by gifting them the smile they desire
  • One of the largest providers of mobile dental care services in New Zealand, it provides services to over 40 schools in Greater Auckland and Waikato region covering thousands of students.
  • Dental Planet also provides quality dental care through its clinics located strategically in 3 locations in Auckland. Supported by a group of quality professionals who pride themselves in providing superior dental care to the community, the entire team is committed to patient care with state-of-the-art and futuristic technology, at affordable prices.
  • Visit for more info

MD Analyze is an integrated surgical audit and outcomes database that provides prospective data tracking from diagnosis to final outcome.

  • MD Analyze has a number of integrated functions to capture quality data using an intuitive interface.
  • It provides the user with the ability to perform complex analysis and generate patient data lists in graphically appealing charts.
  • MD Analyze has been developed to support the trend to manage healthcare through evidence and quality measures.
  • It is a world-class clinical knowledge management system for improving patient safety and quality outcomes it delivers a wide range of benefits to healthcare providers, administrators, regulators, payers and most importantly to patients.

Consova provides services and solutions to large healthcare insurers and corporate clients to enable efficiencies in healthcare.

  • Consova has to date managed to deliver more than USD$3 billion in healthcare savings across the US market and its technology will soon be available in other jurisdictions.
  • Consova provides verification services to large self-insured corporates to determine health benefits eligibility. Visit for more information.

What we do

Innovation & Collaboration

Cereus Health Group is a dynamic organisation already in New Zealand, Australia, India, UK and the United States. Our vision is to create a digital platform to transform accessibility to and transparency in health and wellness throughout the world. We believe the world needs new solutions to democratise healthcare. Cereus Health will seek to partner with existing players in healthcare and wellness to reach that goal. We will invest in start ups, and work with research and development institutions, to help grow innovators and encourage entrepreneurs.

We are about people

Giving back to communities is a key vision of the Cereus Health Group. We will undertake projects which help deliver healthcare to various communities in need.  A charitable trust is being established to undertake this work.
Socially Responsible
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